Moeskaer Kashmir 1086.


Moeskaer Kashmir 1086.

Grand Female Champion and Champion cow Agromek 2008.
Junior Female Champion Agromek 2007.
Grand Female Champion GL. Estrup Show 2007.
Grand Female Champion and Heifer Calf Champion Agromek 2006

Moeskær Kashmir 1086 is one of most popular and complete females at ‘Moeskaer Polled Herefords’. She is two time Danish National Grand Champion Female at Agromek as a calf and again as a cow.

This powerful female combines femi­ninity with incredible volume, muscle, and correctness. Kashmir has a frame score of 7.8 and weighs over 1050 kg.

The Kashmir family has an outcross genetic lineage that is very conducive for today’s modern breeding policies - Pedi­gree includes both S&S Basic and Har­oldson’s Raider. Her daughter, Moeshaer Kashmir 1311 imported by Gouldingpoll Herefords is continuing this breeding strategy delivering extraordinary success.

Kashmir’s offspring are extremely pop­ular with top pedigree breeders in Denmark and indeed throughout Europe due to the continued success of the family’s breeding performance which is being equally paralleled in the show rings.

Gouldingpoll 1 Kashmir purchased by Intelagri has pregnancies by Gouldingpoll 1 Superduty due in June 2015

N Champ
Kashmir 1220

Moeskaer Kashmir 1086 & 1220
Mother & Daughter

Moeskaer Kashmir 1220.