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Dairy Farm Design
Intelagri specialises in designing integrated dairy farm systems internationally. Based in Ireland, the majority of our projects outside Europe are located in the Americas, the Middle East, South East Asia and a number of East African countries. Our principal areas of expertise are dairy farm design, forage solutions and livestock genetics. We provide customized farm design packages involving maximum utilisation of locally available resources and strict implementation
of best environmental practices.

Concept and Analysis

Initial consultation will commence with a site visit to determine the precise requirements of our clients intended project whether it is the development of a green field site or the expansion of an existing operation. Further aspects of the survey and analysis phase will involve close collaboration with the client to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of all key points of their vision for the completed project. A draft proposal will be presented to the client which will be the design foundation for the progressive development of the project. 

Planning and Design
When the concept is approved by the client, Intelagri will initiate the design process by deploying its technical teams to conduct a range of surveys providing it with the information necessary to formulate a finalised design package. The client will be provided with a reference portfolio containing 3D visualisations and a comprehensive range of drawings and blueprints illustrating the completed project


Specialists in the design and construction of dairy farms of all sizes, Intelagri utilises the latest future-proof technologies and cutting edge construction methods to minimise time and cost factors during the installation phase and provide our clients with an ultra-efficient operating environment for the extended lifetime of their specific dairy system.

Intelagri provides comprehensive structured plans targeting the primary objective of producing premium quality milk. During the construction phase, key elements of the operation are applied concurrently. These include: crop planning, securing forages and livestock procurement in a precisely controlled timeframe.



Intelagri provides powerful management systems and key personnel to administer dairy farm operations to the higest standards.

Full training programmes promoting meticulous operational policies and procedures will be available to all employees over a specified period of time ensuring ‘best practices’ are constantly maintained.