Forage Systems
Intelagri provides a comprehensive range of nutritional programmes and logistical designs specifically tailored to maximise the productivity of dairy farm enterprises.
These integrated programmes incorporate existing, expanding and green-field operations with farm produced forages combined with locally sourced supplementary feedstuffs.

Animal Nutrition

To produce large volumes of milk with high percentages of butterfat and protein content it is essential to provide a meticulously balanced diet based on a variety of forage crops and supplementary feeds. 

Self-contained Nutritional Programmes

Full control of the nutritional value of the dairy herd diet is achieved by a programme of self sufficiency in the production of forage crops most suited to the local area. Precise timing in the sowing and harvesting of these crops will result in produce of the highest quality. A further advantage of self-contained production is the complete utilisation of recyclable livestock waste as high grade fertiliser.

Locally Sourced Supplementary Feeds
Considerable economic gains can be achieved by incorporating locally available food industry by-products with farm produced forages. The resulting total mixed ration (TMR) produces a high grade nutritional diet for the entire dairy herd and associated stock.    

Feeding Systems & Design
The design of feed systems has a major effect on cow behaviour and nutritional intake.The objective for all dairy livestock is to realise maximum milk production by consuming carefully formulated nutritional feeds in an environment supporting recommended levels of rest and rumination. Modern dairying practice typically involves the formulation of specific feeds to cater for the nutritional requirements of the many livestock groups on the farm. Special emphasis is given to the design and layout of feed storage and mixing areas to maximise the logistics and efficiencies of the operation.

Top quality feed is the foundation of premium quality milk production
Feed conversion efficiency (FCE) is a measure of ration utilisation in dairy or beef herds and is expressed as litres produced per kg of dry matter intake (kg/DMI).

This measurement provides a clear figure of the economic performance of the animal. Example: daily yield per cow per day = 34litres /22.5 dry matter kgs of feed per cow per day = 1.5FCE
Intelagri provides uniquely formulated dairy diets to achieve the ultimate goal of making milk pure and simpleDrmilk